Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walking in Faith

For about 1 year I have been feeling a nudge by the Lord to reach out to others suffering with infertility. Everytime I thought about doing it, I assummed as soon as I did I would then get pregnant and wouldn't be able to fulfill my support. I know longer am letting that hold me back. I may get pregnant right after starting a support group but my knoweldge and experience will not change. I still have many doubts that linger in which I know are from the devil:
Will anyone take you serious being so young?
Have you suffered long enough to help others?
Will you have the right words to say?
Will anyone show up?

I am choosing to push these aside and mover forward. I am attending our New Leaders Orientation on April 17th and the church and I also emailed RESOLVE which is the national infertility support group and asked for the information to start a group in my area. Praying that the Lord will pave the path for me.

Still beleiving everday for a miracle baby. God is so good and He truly knows my hearts desire and I know that desire will be fulfilled in the right time.