Monday, August 29, 2011

Need to be better at blogging

There is no real way to recap everything that has happened so I will do my best and then move forward. I have still been keeping track of everything through my vlogging which seams to be easier but I do need to try and write stuff down as well. I am 13 weeks and 1 day pregnant and so excited to be able to say that! We had a scare starting at 9 weeks 4 days, I started spotting and it didn't stop until 12 weeks 3 days. Crazy experience. Very scary. But I did get to see the baby an extra time because of it. The baby hb is still really high! 182bpm:) That is one strong heart! Very thankful that I am not spotting anymore!

I would say that I have a small baby bump, mostly because when I suck my stomach in it no longer goes in anymore! YEAH! Can't wait to have a real big stomach! Right now I am just wearing skirts and dresses since my pants don't seem to fit anymore and the bellie band doesn't always work the best.

We took the intelligender test and it said boy:) It is a over the counter gender predictor test that you mix your first morning urine in and depending on the color it changed to, that is what gender you are having. This test has been proven to be 80-90% accurate but more near the 80% when the test result shows boy...weird right? So while Steven thought it was awesome it came up boy result, we are not painting the nursery quite yet. I still feel for some reason that we are having a girl. I would love to have a boy so it is not like I am wanting a girl so badly that I am making myself feel that who knows we will be excited for either! So far for names we have

Hope Marie Hopper for a girl
Charles (charlie) Steven Steven could call him JR. which is what he already is referring to the baby as:)
Jack Roy Hopper
Brighton David hopper
Luke David hopper
So needless to say we have agreed on a girl's name but not a boy!

So we get to go in around 15 weeks to a place that needs models to test on new machines. They pay you cash and travel time, not that I need to be paid but a little extra cash is always nice. So maybe, hopefully we may know what we are having in about 2 weeks!!! If not I will be requesting another asap! We just so badly want to know what we are having.

I have purchased a few baby buys, trying for mostly gender neutral but also a few boy and girl stuff. I would post some pics but I'm not home right now so I will hopefully add them later!

That is about it for now! We see the midwife next Tuesday! We will finally be able to hear our baby's heart beat! So So SO excited for that!

Thank you for all your continued support and prayer!