Sunday, August 5, 2012


We had an eventful weekend! Saturday we saw Steven's parents, then a birthday party and then the lake. Today we went to church, took two very long naps(not normal) and then ended our Sunday with friends at their parents who have a/c. Hope did great! She loves to be out and about! She seems so much more content now that she can get around more. It is crazy seeing her grow and change. She has quite the personality. WE are both so grateful and are really enjoying life with her! She will hates the car;( which makes for going places and doing fun things a little difficult but we are working through it. Not much else going on right now! Currently snuggled in my favorite spot between my two favorite people! Thank you Jesus for these blessings!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Failure....or at least feel that way!

Sweet little girl is growing up so fast! She is crawling....say what? How did this happen? She does the dead leg crawl but is using her legs more and more everyday. I really thought I would have this baby that loved to cuddle and be close to me all the time but I have a very determined independent little lady on my hands. Although she needs me a lot in the middle of the night. I felt like a major failure today. Hope fussed a LOT! I feel like she gets bored so fast but when I am at work I need to get something done but she doesn't see it that way. Not to mention she did not nap well at all. She is napping in a pack-n-play now and last week would sleep about 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps, at least a couple of them but yesterday and today....30 min tops. So today....woke up to a special surprise( my period) and a very bad one to be exact, I have been a single mom for 72 hours, a very fussy baby and no sleep....lets just say I had a short fuse. But I tried. We got in the car and she screamed all the way to work. I think I may have a nervous breakdown just form driving her places. Ugh...I hate feeling frustrated. I hate trying to reason with a 4 month old....HELLO SHE IS 4 MONTHS! Bottom line is tomorrow has to be better. Steven has been coming to work in order for me to get some work done. It every hard taking her with me but I would not have it another way. What I would rather do is sell this house and move into a very small house and not work! I know I would still have days where she would fuss but I would feel a lot less stressed while it was happening. Praying that the Lord reveals the correct path for us! Off to bed. As always I am snuggled in between my two favorite people! Praying to get some sleep tonight. The most I have slept in a row is 2 hours in the last 2 months....worth it but I wouldn't complain if I even got 3;) To my sweet baby Hope, Mommy will do better tomorrow! Forgive me for being frustrated. This job is very hard but I wouldn't give it up for anything! Night world!

Friday, June 29, 2012


People tell you about the love you have for your children but there is truly no way to explain to someone how your heart feels like it could not grow anymore but it does. My heart hurts because I love Hope so much. She makes all things better. Her smile will melt your heart. Deep down I always knew somehow I would be a mom but I never thought I would be given a gift as perfect as Hope. I am so grateful that I get to experience the greatest love one can feel. I lay awake praying for my friends who are still waiting to hold their miracle babies. My heart hurts for them as they wait. I pray they get to experience the joy of being a mom. So far the most amazing experience has been nursing my sweet girl. There is nothing like the feeling of giving your child everything they need. There is nothing sweeter then looking down and seeing her latched on. There is nothing more calming then watching her fall asleep while nursing away. And nothing will melt your heart more then watching your sweet one smile while nursing. I just don't understand why everyone wouldn't want to nurse! I love everything about nursing;) and am so excited about doing for a long to come! Today I washed my phone in the washer. I think 3 1/2 months of not sleeping longer then a 3 hour stretch at a time has finally caught up with me. I am so grateful for a husband who is gracious and gentle with me. He never got upset and actually didn't make fun of me too much. I am so thankful that instead of having to pay 649 dollars to replace my phone the Apple store gave me a replacement phone for 149. The Lord is good! I also got my first pair of jeans since having a baby. I am excited to not be wearing maternity jeans anymore. Bottom line, this is not the weight I want or will be at but, I just had a baby 3 months ago and I will give myself a little grace. It took me 9 months to put it on so I should allow myself 9 months to lose it but I don't think it will take that long! Healthy eating and trying to get in an exercise here and there will really help! It is late and I am actually up watching the Olympic gymnastic trials which I will most likely be regretting since Hope will most likely be up for her first snack at 12:30 but this only happens every 4 years so I will be fine! Lets just hope I can fall right asleep....who am I kidding....I can always fall asleep now!! To my sweet love, Hope your mommy loves you more then you know!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The little things!

Planning on getting a calendar to be able to remember the important milestones for Hope since my brain doesn't work great these days! But for now I will try and keep everything here... She is getting better at telling her hands what to do! She actually pulled down on a hanging toy that vibrates when it goes back up...she must have done it 4 times! I couldn't believe it. She had stopped rolling over, almost like she was bored with it and then a couple days ago she was at it again but this time it is every time she is on her back! She is much faster and is getting better at getting her arm out when it gets stuck! She has been playing with her face with her right hand a lot lately. At first I thought she was just touching her ear and that her ear may be bugging her but then she would rest her hand on her cheek and just leave it is so funny! Ill try and get a picture. She is a little dare devil! She likes to bounce a lot in the sleepy wrap. She likes to be held in the air and pretend to drop her;) She likes it when you swing her fast and hight in your arms! She likes to be moving all the time! Sleeping is still going well. She sleeps great at night. I would say on average she nurses every 2-3 hours so some nights it is longer in between and then for instance last night it was all night long! My mom found the lullaby cd she use to play for all of us kids and Hope loves it! I can remember all the songs and the memories that come with the songs. Hope actually slept on the drive home while listening to it! That was a wonderful drive home. This girl is just so wonderful1 I can't believe my dreams have come true. I can't believe I am a mom. I can't believe the Lord has blessed me so much more than I even asked for. My life is forever changed for the better! Better get to bed. I am still fighting off that cold. I am still coughing and waking up feeling awful. Praying it goes away soon!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In love!

My sweet Hope....words can not describe the love I have for you. You are so sweet. Today we got to see her cousin Grace dance in her ballet recital. This brought back many memories of dancing! Great ones! I honestly didn't think I would want Hope to dance but I just don't feel that way anymore. If she wants to then I am all for it! Hope had a great day today! Before the recital we got to visit with Auntie Rachel! Super fun and we exchanged borrowed items and had lunch. Tonight Steven is gone overnight to go skiing at Mt Hood so my mom is over staying with us! We have a long full day tomorrow of fun! excited for some help and for company!Still battling my cold but I am sure it will be getting better soon! We will definitely be missing Daddy tonight though. Hope is weighing in at 12.6 pounds right now She is very talkative She loves people She loves to be played with She still doesn't nap well during the day She still sleeps great at night She is still the most beautiful baby there is! Thank you Jesus for this gift!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well it turns out I am sick....not just the a/c thing. I woke up last night the first time to nurse her and I realized it. It is so hard not to cough and wake her up! All night I prayed I could keep from coughing. I did pretty good. I told Steven if he catches this then he will have to sleep on the couch because there is no way he has the self control I have;) This girl sleeps so well at night.....and when I mean so well I mean she is up every 2-3 hours to nurse but she never stays awake. Most of the time my boob is just out for her to have if she wants it. Half the time I don't even know it is happening...haha! I feel so blessed! I always imagined getting up in the middle of the night and being up for hours but she does really well. On the flip side she only takes about 2-3 (20-30) min cat naps during the day and those are done while I am holding her. So I don't get much done during the day. But there will be plenty of time for me to get to all the stuff I need to get to at a later time! I planned on backing up and writing about the first 3 months little by little but this sick momma is going to head to bed. Hope didn't take her last cat nap so she went down even earlier today so hopefully she will still sleep until 6! Love this girl!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pictures from Father's Day!

Not feeling my best tonight so this will be short! Here are some pictures of yesterday... Steven loving his Father's Day gift....A watch that I had engraved for him! All smiles Steven with little Clara Hope enjoying time with her cousins! Yummy cupcakes I made!! Ugh I would give anything for one right now! Daddy with his little (overstimulated) little girl! She is so sensitive to lots of noise! Family photo....poor Hope was still not thrilled! A little more relaxed....the boy cousins had gone outside and we were packing to head home! Trying hard not to cough right now! I don't think Im really sick but we have had to have the a/c unit in our window on for the last few nights and it always makes my throat hurt/scratchy. It is off tonight for sure. Hopefully Hope's throat isn't bothering her. While I am grateful for the a/c, I do not like to feel this way. Hoping that it is just that! Hope and I did have a great day today! She is really laughing now....well giggling but still! I love to find things that make her laugh! We made a great dinner together and now we are cuddled up next to each other. I guess I should try and sleep(not cough)!