Monday, June 22, 2009

It's been a long time

Well I thought I would start back up writing a little. I have found myself lost in life lately. We are on a break from trying to have a baby or at least on a break from the doctors. I stupidly(if that's a word) agreed to taking a break for a year and now 3 months in, I am finding myself at a loss for words that I did that. It is much harder to not actively be trying than it is to try. I do my best to not talk about it with people but what is there to talk about? So my goal is to allow myself to write about it hear but add a few things that I have been doing in the mean time. I did ask Steven this morning if he would consider only taking a 6 month break but he is not easily persuaded, but I will keep trying. I have made it through another Mother's and Father's day and I have basically a year before having to go through it again. My goal last year was to be pregnant before Father's Day this year but that didn't happen. I am too afraid to make anymore goals because I don't seem to reach them.

I did just get back from New York and will post pictures once I have them on my computer. I had a wonderful time. Now that I am back I will be focusing on eating well, exercising and losing this added weight from my overeating and fertility drugs. I suppose I should be working but I just don't feel like it. UGH!!!!!!


Momma Mary said...

glad to see you back here. blogging may be good for you.

Becki said...

i missed your blogging. i'm so glad you're back!
i cannot wait to see your new york pictures. and even more, i cannot wait to see you on saturday!!

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