Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am a big dreamer, I can almost always remember what i have drempt about the night before and last night was no exception. As I am sitting here watching the opening ceremonies from last night I can't help but feel a little empty. My dream last night was so vivid. I would do anything to be able to dream the same dream every night. i had a dream that I was pregnant. I must have been about 7 months pregnant. I could feel the baby move. Kecia was even in the dream coaching me. She of course told me at one time that she thought she "felt" twins....keep in mind that dreams can be very unrealistic. I went in and had an u/s and found out it was only one. UGH it sounds rediculous, but for a night I could feel and experience the joy. Then I woke up and realized reality is here and i still have so long to wait. At moments my heart hurts so bad that I can barley breathe but I have to remeber that we are making the best choice for our future. God please allow a miracle to happen, allow me to become pregnant this year.

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Becki said...

dear God,
i second that.