Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back again!

Well here I go again, trying to blog. I have been having a really hard time lately dealing with our infertiltiy but at the same time I am trying to put my focus on other things. We recently moved which until we did I didn't realize how depressed I really was in Eatonville. I had a place to sleep and wonderful company but I was not happy. I didn't want to cook, bake, clean, knit, blog or do really anything. Now my eyes have been reopened to what I really love again.

I recently discovered my love for not only baking but cooking too! I have been trying out all sorts of recipes(pictures and recipes to come) and enjoying learning all kinds of new things. I also realized how much better it is to live in a clean house....most of you know what I slob I am. I tend to clean right after I am done doing anything! I will say Steven is loving all the new changes, especially the clenaing part!

I am trying to find my passion in life. I am looking for where I belong and fit in right now. So lots of new stuff on this blog to come along with some of the old stuff, because no matter how busy I make my life, how many things I enjoy to do, my heart still aches everyday for a baby to hold.


sothisislife said...

I'm still following your blog and praying for a miracle! I know God is BIG. I am so excited for you as you search to find your place and who you are. My Dad always encouraged me to read Romans, to find who I was more and I find through life, this sticks with me. Through the ups and downs and really way downs.
Oh, and props to you on cleaning and getting all creative. I'm always trying to find the balance in my life and still working on that. BUt it really does feel good.
I love your heart and will keep seeking God with you both!

sothisislife said...

P.S. Testimony to encourage faith. My sister, who became completely deaf at 10 months old from Spinal Menigitis and other complications prays daily to hear. I am amazed at her walk. I know there are times she must be angry are, or really sad. But the thing that amazes me as she prays, we pray, many have laid hands on her and prayed, is this: She prays for those who are deaf! God uses her. I don't know why He has not yet healed her, but we are waiting on Him. He is good, and I have so many more fun stories of His Faithfullness, another sister who was supposed to not make it, a niece, a Grandma and a God-mother both raised from the dead. It makes me hopeful and hungry to see God work and move among us! I feel Him so enjoy every big and small thing he does. Changing my heart to want him, to raising the dead = all miracles.

Becki said...

it's so hard to see depression when you're in the middle of it. i'm so happy that you're enjoying life again. i'm getting there too. i love you and as always, i'm praying for you! xo