Monday, December 27, 2010

Trying to process how I feel today...You would think after all this time I wouldn't be so upset to get a negative pregnancy test but I swear it only gets harder, the only difference is the time it takes to cast my eyes back on the Lord. i feel as though it is harder now that I believe without a doubt that God can heal me, because I feel that He is just choosing not to heal me as though there is something I am doing wrong.But as my sister reminded me, he may not be saying no but Not Yet.

Lord I am begging for a Miracle, you are the Healer, heal my body. My heart is crying out.

Praying my heart will not hurt as bad when I wake.


Mary said...

i love you.

Janet said...

I dont know you, but I have prayed for so many moms, who do get pregnant shortly after. It is because I know God loves this prayer. LIFE! I have 13 children, 10 grandchildren, son in laws and daughter in laws. I will be praying for you today and everytime the Father puts you on my heart. KNOW THIS: He loves you with an EVERLASTING LOVE. He is proud of you. He loves the FAITH you have been exercising. The Choice of Him over it all. All your life you will be choosing Him over your children and others you love. This is just the beginning. He has made you strong. You will are His and you are amazing. I know His thoughts toward you and they are GOOD! I know His love toward you and it is eternal. You are safe in Him. Taste and See that the Lord is GOOD. His MERCY endures forever. His Forgiveness is sure. You will live to see the land of promise and you will know you were guided and cared for... as no other cares for you. You are His... none of His ways need to make sense. But you are going to be honored. His Glory is upon you.
Love to you, Janet