Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Continuing to press forward

This cycle has been relatively easy. I was upset as usual but I feel with God's strength I am able to move quickly through the sadness. A huge thank you to all who continue to pray for us. I think once we are in our new house and things calm down we will be able to re-group and decide what to do next. When we fasted last we focused on asking God to work a miracle, while I still am believing for that I feel like we need to come to God with an open mind to any and all avenues to become parents. I talked a little to Steven about this yesterday only because he is already wanting to purchase next years ski passes and I am a little up in the air about what to do. He is so sweet though, he told me yesterday that he loves his life with me and could truly be happy with just us forever. I love him for saying that but wish I could say the same. Does that mean I love him less? I hope not. So he said that we should talk once we are in the house about whether or not we should fast again or what have you. So that's the update on that.

Onto something a little more exciting, our house should be done soon! We have been furniture shopping like crazy or should I say furniture shopping has turned into how I feel about car and tv shopping, VERY MUCH DISLIKE IT! You go into the stores and they surround you with people that want to help and make money, so they follow you around like a puppy. So far, we have bought new dishes from Ikea and a painting of our ski resort.....hmmmm we have to get serious! Oh and I did pick this pillow up, I love love it!


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Becki said...

you're lucky to have such a sweet guy during all of this. i hope that things really fall into place for you once you move.
if you need a shopping buddy you know where to find me.

i love that pillow!!