Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeling Used

I am struggling right now with feeling used. The frustration that comes along with it, is debilitating. It has been taking too much of my focus. I hate when the devil uses areas in our life that hurt our heart the most, in order to get us off track. Then I was thinking, who feels more used then God himself? No one! We use Him when we need something, we use Him when we are scared, we use Him when we want an answer, but I know first hand that when life seems to be going by just fine....I don't need Him. Wow talk about selfless. Not only is He there for us even after being used but He is there with open arms to hold us. He says nothing about being used but takes us for who we are. Oh how I wish my heart was like His. How do you find the line between being like God and not letting people walk all over you? I will continue to ask God to open my heart and mind to learn the answer to this question.

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