Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Scale Please

I have never been a person to say a scale is not telling the truth but this time I think there might be something wrong. I have been very diligent in eating well and exercising. On Friday I finally dropped down to a number I wasn't sure existed anymore, then I jumped on the scale this morning and it said I gained 1.5 pounds. Now that is just not possible, not only have I been eating good and exercising...it is 100 degrees here and all I do is drip sweat. So my conclusion...have Steven pick up a scale from Costco today. I think back of when I had was at my ideal weight and how I thought "yep I'll never go back up again" yet here I am once again struggling. I know I'm not overweight by any means but I prefer being smaller. One thing that is good though...I don't have a big appetite when it is this warm out.

Well on to more interesting topics. Sunday was a fun filled day of seeing old friends and enjoying time together. We got up and went to church, Becki and Jake came to visit. After Church we headed for the children's building which I told people seemed like Disneyland even though I had never been in but I had seen the video they took of it. Well i was right!!!! Imagine walking into
Indiana Jones "the ride" but with brighter colors. They have this huge jungle gym thingy like chucky cheese has that all the kids seemed to love. The walls are covered with murals and many interesting things for the kids to look at, and when I say kids I mean me!!!

Becki and Jake picked the boys up and then we ran into one of Steven's cousins Sam and Rutchie who have two kids. It was there first time visiting the church and they seemed very excited about it. That is what I love about our church....it is overflowing with passion and excitement for God. It is a big church but you just have to work to get to know people. I stood there talking with Rutchie and Becki and the guys just trying to imagine being in there with our own kids. I imagined Steven watching the little ones slide down the slide and go through the tubes. The best part about it, was that I COULD imagine it. There were moments that my heart would begin to
ache but then I would refocus on the Faith that I have with God.

After Church we headed to see the puppy that Erin and Aaron have picked out! There were 11 little puppies only 2 1/2 weeks old...sooooooo cute but I soooooo don't need another dog:)

After that we headed over to Rachel and Nathan's for an early dinner since Steven had to be up at 2am. The 4 of us had not spent time altogether for roughly 5 years. It was a little awkward at first at least for me but we soon were talking as if no time had gone by. It's funny because I imagined that both of them would have changed in some way...turns out they are exactly the same which is great to see. We had a wonderful time just talking and eating. Unfortunately it was 85 degrees in the house...no one has ac not even us! I felt so bad because Rachel is 6 months pregnant. Poor thing.

Well that wraps up our Sunday! Now back to normal life...work, work, work and sleep!

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Momma Mary said...

i bet it's the scale! just forgeo the scale and get a Wii fit- that's how i weight myself- and it absolutely accurate: same weight on the Wii fit as at Weight Watchers.
Our bathroom scale is 3 lbs off (and not in the nice way).
But you are beautiful! Popsicles to stay cool, and more of our yummy water.
Your new layout is so pretty....