Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Beginnings

I have been wanting to write so much lately but can't seem to find the time but tonight I realized that I need to remember the time that I am going through right now and if I use this as almost a journal I may be more apt to allow myself some time. It is too overwhelming to think of writing everything that has happened in the last 2 weeks so I will start from here and then add stuff in as I go.

Today was totally planned out:Church, lunch with Jenna, work on the house, Lake with Glez and Steven and then off to see friends at night. Well we made it to church and I made it to lunch with Jenna and then the day was halted with Steven being sick. Don't get me wrong, he is sick but Men can be so dramatic when it comes to being sick. So I did lunch and then we came home and Steven has been asleep ever since. He is starting his temp position of Manager at costco tomorrow for 6 weeks. I can't believe he will be an acting Manager. This is such a blessing from God that he has been given this opportunity and I can only hope he feels better by 2am, ya that's right I said 2am...that is what time he has to get up for this new postition.
Where to start for me...all I can say is that I know God is working in my life. I feel so blessed because God has placed so many people and obstacles in my way in the last 3 weeks that have woke me up! He wants me and I most certainly want Him. Church was amazing today! Roger spoke on a few different things but what spoke to me the most clear is that we need to be Blessible in order to be Blessed. Oh boy! All I could do is sit there and think,"what am I doing in my life right now that God would want to bless me?" Am I using my time wisely? Am I serving where I should be? Am I being a Witness? Am I being Me centered. Yikes I got all the answers that you wouldn't want to get. Well that all ends now. I am refocusing my life and my time to allow God to work wonders in my life. Roger also talked about the difference between people blessing you and God blessing you. God blesses without strings attached. I never thought of it that way. How many times did God bless me even today that I did not thank him for. Countless things. But what I have come to realize is that God will not continue to bless if I don't prepare myself to be blessed Ahhhhh is this even making sense. So my focus right now is Prayer and Worship. I need to prepare myself to get in Gods presence so I can hear what it is that He wants from me before I can have my hearts desires. I am currently reading a book titled Finding Favor with the King. I am about 3 chapters in and I am already wanting to know more. It is talking about Ester right now and I just love to hear about her. What is funny is that my last Bible study was on her. I feel like God was putting her story in front of my face and telling me to learn from her but I wasn't ready...and here 8 months later D gave me this book and who would have thought it is basically the same thing. Well I am ready God to learn what it is that I need to. I just wanted to share a few lines from the book that have spoke to me: The author says this is what he imagines God Often thinks to Himself..."Who will love Me more than the things I can give them? Where are the people that are more interested in touching My heart than in sampling My splendor?" Wow what powerful words. For me this is saying, " will I love God for Him even if I never get a baby? Will knowing Gods plan be more important than what He will be giving me? The next line is talking about King Xerxes but also Paralleling God," The elaborate protocol was meant to protect the king and qualify the visitor." To me this means that there are things we need to do in order to be in God's presence. And going off that the last line is "Part of the lesson of protocol is the importance of Waiting" Oh waiting, how I love to wait. But now that I have this to go off of...I realize that waiting is just part of the protocol in preparing myself to be in God's presence.
Well there is so much more but I want to also be able to read before I go to bed. But before that I did want to say that Steven and I had a wonderful time on our 1 1/2 day trip to Chelan. It was everything we needed. We spent the time talking about God and reading the beginning of the book, oh ya I forgot to mention that Steven is reading it with me. We soaked up the sun and enjoyed the here are a few pictures!!

Lake Chelan!This the the Creek than ran right behind our tent...better than ten fans going at once! never slept so well camping. Hint Hint Mary your kids will sleep great if you come next summer:)

No makeup but that is how it flys while camping!

Such a pretty baby!Swimming with the ducks...that mommy suck was ticked off:)Man I don't like this picture because I look like I'm 10, kayla and Alex mixed but I had to show you that for some reason this summer I stated getting freckles and ALOT of them.

Concentrating really hard to finally beat Steven at Rummy.Steven's evil look before he went all out and left me with too many points to count, but I did when this round:)

Sweet old Bailey!My man and Lake ChelanThis turned favorite picture ever of us!


Becki said...

wow! i am so glad that things are going so good!! (of course i hope seven is feeling better) i am so excited for your new's funny how God works.
you guys look like you had a BLAST at chelan! by the way i LOVE the pictures with no make up! you're gorgeous!!

Momma Mary said...

Well... wow, i am speechless- that is some of the best writing I have ever seen come out of you (and i have written a lot for you). I am so happy to see you finding encouragement.
And i want to go to Chelan!