Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honest Scrap!

Thank you Mary for tagging me on this! I love learning new things about people!
The Rules:
***Thank the person who gave you this award(Thanks sis)
***Post 10 honest facts about yourself
***Pass this award on to 7 others(I too will only pass it to one since the only other blog I read is Becki's)
1) I goggle everything! During this post I will probably google how to spell 10 of the words I choose. I have already googled 20 times today, including why I could be sooooo dizzy. But if we are being honest I will have to say that my sister is way better at finding things on the Internet than I matter how much I use google:) If you are ever looking for something just ask her and she will find it!
2) I could not live without music. I could live without tv, without sweets, without a car, a computer, but I just couldn't see myself without music. And it bothers me, it has and always will, that Steven is not as passionate about music as I am...but I guess that is what I have Sam for!
3) As strong willed as I am, I am a true rule follower. I don't like to do anything I'm not suppose to and I'm married to the complete opposite. So this is how most of our conversation start,"(Steven) we should go do this, (me) are you sure we can? (Steven) oh I'm sure it will be fine." Every time. Thinking back on the little time I spent in school, I was always scared to even go to the bathroom during class...I would walk with the hall pass basically in the air:) I'm a good girl and I would like to keep it that way.
4) My sister is one of only a few people that I have never felt jealously towards when they are pregnant. There may have been moments of envy but no one has cared more about my feelings while being pregnant than her. For that I will forever be grateful!
5) I regret not going to nursing school. I know I could still go but things are so different now and I just don't see it happening right now.
6)I have a severe addiction to Starbucks. I drink their drip all day and then I still have to go in and get an iced one. Our bank account seems to be taking a huge hit because of this! But I can say I probably paid for Sam's paycheck this month. I have recently changed my drink so it doesn't cost as much, iced tall americano with hazelnut and a little nonfat milk! With my Gold card(thanks to the nies's) it come to $2.24, not bad.
7) I have strong political views and no matter what anyone says, I loved Bush! I felt like he made some good decisions and some not so good ones but he was dealt a terrible hand and he handled himself and this country the best he could....he is only human for goodness sake!
8)I have a body image problem.
9) I have always wanted someone else to want to be my friend more than I wanted to be theirs. Wow even writing it seems ridiculous, but I like to feel needed and all of my friendship's are the other way around.
10) Even after 3+ years I still hold out hope every month that I may somehow be pregnant!
I'm passing this award off to Miss Becki!


Momma Mary said...

Great job sweetie! And thanks for the paycheck this month.... we spend it well :) And i too, hold hope that every month you could be pregnant.

Becki said...

#9?? i understand what you mean...but really?!?

and i'm with mary, every month i hope and pray right along with you!