Sunday, June 19, 2011

1 Day after a 5 day transfer

Last post I was in the waiting room and now I am in the waiting game.

Surprisingly I do not feel anxious at all but I'll be honest and say today was an emotional day. I woke up feeling perfectly normal but I did get my call from the clinic about the amount of embryos that made the freeze really early. Normally they call from 1pm to 5pm and they called at 9am. The nurse told me that only 2 of the remaining 7 made it to the freeze. I cried. I lost 5 more that were growing but then stopped. I want more then 3 kids at least that is how I feel now and I truly believe I am suppose to have more then 3. Having two frozen isn't a shoe in either is the one that is in my womb right now. I know getting ahead of myself but it is hard not too. My mind tends to race. Sometimes to places I didn't even ask it to go. I am trying to stay as calm in my mind as possible. I am trying to stay as hopefully as possible. I am believing I am pregnant Until Proven Otherwise, also known as PUPO:) I also had pregnancy announcements that came up today. One that gave me great hope(Ashley C:)) and another that was hard to swallow. And to top it all off I have been pumping myself full of hormone medication and I have handled it really well, so I may have just hit a minor breaking point:) But I am back to my positive, have to do this to get pregnant attitude and will keep pushing on!

Will update again soon!



Becki said...

PUPO-love you! praying ALWAYS for you

Anonymous said...

You are doing fabulously! The waiting game for me was the MOST emotional... I felt completely out of control (as if I ever really was in control??!!) You are allowed break down days... I had 2 and remember them WELL!!!

Life with me and my crew said...