Monday, June 20, 2011

2 days after a 5 day transfer

Today was much better emotionally then yesterday. Today also wraps up my days of hanging around the house. Tomorrow I am back to work and back to normal stuff. Will I get anything done at work? At Home? Doubtful. My mind is going a million miles an hour, and nothing really in particular. And believe it or not I have stayed off of google, and most sites that people debate symptoms. I do however still stay up to date with my youtube people. I had a wonderful visit with my friend Ashley who recently got pregnant through IVF. I had many questions and she shared as much info as she had, although I will have many more questions for her. I truly think the hardest part with IVF is that there is no real normal with anything. One person could feel one way and another person a completely different way VERY FRUSTRATING! But I will say it is so nice to have someone to talk with in a world that can be so lonely. Other then that I have felt the same today. I have been having cramps since after the retrieval so I have to remember that that was happening before so it probably doesn't mean anything whether it is good or bad. All other symptoms are associated with the progesterone. And that leads me to the last note....My butt hurts from all the shots. You won't hear me complaining about too much but I will say OUCH!!! Well until tomorrow!


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Becki said...

loving and praying. i'd love to come visit and help you keep your mind elsewhere for a few hours if you have some time!!