Monday, June 18, 2012

Pictures from Father's Day!

Not feeling my best tonight so this will be short! Here are some pictures of yesterday... Steven loving his Father's Day gift....A watch that I had engraved for him! All smiles Steven with little Clara Hope enjoying time with her cousins! Yummy cupcakes I made!! Ugh I would give anything for one right now! Daddy with his little (overstimulated) little girl! She is so sensitive to lots of noise! Family photo....poor Hope was still not thrilled! A little more relaxed....the boy cousins had gone outside and we were packing to head home! Trying hard not to cough right now! I don't think Im really sick but we have had to have the a/c unit in our window on for the last few nights and it always makes my throat hurt/scratchy. It is off tonight for sure. Hopefully Hope's throat isn't bothering her. While I am grateful for the a/c, I do not like to feel this way. Hoping that it is just that! Hope and I did have a great day today! She is really laughing now....well giggling but still! I love to find things that make her laugh! We made a great dinner together and now we are cuddled up next to each other. I guess I should try and sleep(not cough)!

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