Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The little things!

Planning on getting a calendar to be able to remember the important milestones for Hope since my brain doesn't work great these days! But for now I will try and keep everything here... She is getting better at telling her hands what to do! She actually pulled down on a hanging toy that vibrates when it goes back up...she must have done it 4 times! I couldn't believe it. She had stopped rolling over, almost like she was bored with it and then a couple days ago she was at it again but this time it is every time she is on her back! She is much faster and is getting better at getting her arm out when it gets stuck! She has been playing with her face with her right hand a lot lately. At first I thought she was just touching her ear and that her ear may be bugging her but then she would rest her hand on her cheek and just leave it there....it is so funny! Ill try and get a picture. She is a little dare devil! She likes to bounce a lot in the sleepy wrap. She likes to be held in the air and pretend to drop her;) She likes it when you swing her fast and hight in your arms! She likes to be moving all the time! Sleeping is still going well. She sleeps great at night. I would say on average she nurses every 2-3 hours so some nights it is longer in between and then for instance last night it was all night long! My mom found the lullaby cd she use to play for all of us kids and Hope loves it! I can remember all the songs and the memories that come with the songs. Hope actually slept on the drive home while listening to it! That was a wonderful drive home. This girl is just so wonderful1 I can't believe my dreams have come true. I can't believe I am a mom. I can't believe the Lord has blessed me so much more than I even asked for. My life is forever changed for the better! Better get to bed. I am still fighting off that cold. I am still coughing and waking up feeling awful. Praying it goes away soon!

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