Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 5 and 6

Praise the Lord...I think I'm officially over the caffeine issue! In the midst of it you think it will never end but it does:) So thankful once again that I chose to obey God and fast the coffee.

Day 5: Surprise day off for Steven so we went together to our friend's daughter's volleyball game. Love going and supporting our friends. Then made a last min decision to make a group trip to that store and hate it all at the same time...why do I always spend so much money there. Plus this was the first time I felt like I wanted food that I couldn't have. I have way more respect for Steven having to work around all the samples now. We then parted ways to only meet up again later in the evening. We went home and made a wonderful meal of Potatoes, peppers and mushroom scramble! Loved it! I will have to say I do miss my desserts. We then did devotions together prayed together and headed out for the evening...really to hold their new baby! Nothing like the smell of new baby, which only makes me miss my sister and her babies even more!
~overall a great day! God is so great and forgiving in our weak moments. Thank you Lord for keeping me accountable when I feel like stumbling.

Day 6: Today, GREAT day! Woke up got ready and headed off to church. Roger spoke on praying and it was so helpful when that is basically what consumes my days right now. We then headed off to the mall and the pumpkin patch where we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. But tonight was our first real night home together without any plans....can you believe it! We were able to cook together. We have started watching a podcast of Mars Hill and their serious on the book of Luke....its a 3 year serious! CRAZY I know but I know more about the book in 2 podcasts then I ever thought I would. did some devos and prayed together. My prayers have been focused on what we are fasting for but also for Steven to have more confidence in his prayers for me. Father He loves you and speaks your truth but seems at times apprehensive to do so. Remind him of the gift of prayer that you have given him. And while your at it Father please help me in my prayers as i am too VERY apprehensive when praying aloud to you with others. I am so impressed with his continual faith and am so thankful that he is helping me in the further development of mine.

Lord thank you for the many blessing you have given me in my life. Great family friends husband house vehicles food..and the list goes on and on. I am fasting to seek your face and not just your hand. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for loving me just as I am. Lord help my heart to be softened to the Holy Spirit and what you are trying to teach me. Thank you for the baby you have in our future and help me to be content until the answer is "yes" and not "later". I love you Father and am so grateful for all you do in my life!

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