Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thank you!

Back to myself a bit....I can not thank the people in my life who support me enough. I have all sorts of people who are there for me. My sister is one of those non emotional straight shooters(so when she is emotional you know its real) who always helps me come back to the truth. I can't even exactly pinpoint how or what she does except to say she speaks truth into my life. She encourages me to make good decisions and to look at it in the best way possible, selflessly:) Becki who even after not seeing for a long time I can call her up, need to see her asap and have coffee with basically only me venting about my life. She allows me to be honest about how I feel without interrupting. She supports the decisions I make and is always there when I need her. Jenna who brings constant laughter and tears into my life. And last but not least Steven who is my rock. Relationships either make it or break it with infertility. Ours has made it and only for the better. Sometimes I don't even believe I am infertile, rather God has chosen this to be our way of growing closer to him and each other. I am choosing to believe in the power of prayer and faith. God is bigger then all of this and He will give us our miracle and in about a year i am sure I will be blogging about my struggles of being a good mom and juggling all that comes with it. Thank you to everyone who has stuck by us and supported us through this difficult time. I love you all and am so thankful!

I am going to enjoy the next few months of old school baby making! Let the prayers continue!


Mary said...

love you! and love the description you paint of me, quite accurate!

Becki said...

love you.