Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 7

One week in and God is great! I had a really busy day as I met a friend for Water:) and we chatted for about 3 hours and then back home where my brother came to visit. He was having a hard time understanding why we werent watching TV but thats okay, not everyone needs to get it. I allowed myself to eat even less today so the hunger pains would spark prayer...lets just say I was praying a lot! Not too much to write about since the day was so busy. I am however having issue with the bathroom...this food is really going right through me. I don't normally talk about this kind of stuff but I really feel that the devil will use anything he can to discourage us. I have felt yucky the last couple of days but it only keeps me more aware so you better come up with something else satan! I am not moving...I am beleiving....I am seeking Gods face and nothing will stop me.
Thank you Lord for your healing power and your love for me.


Becki said...

keep up the good work. i'm proud of you. i've been praying for you. i'm glad you're not letting a little poo get you down!!!

Mary said...

Hey Sweetie! I haven't had a good chance to sit down and comment on any of your posts yet- I am SOOOO proud of you, it gives me a lot of joy to call you my sister. I love how your heart is focused and you are giving all of yourself to the Lord. I am constantly praying for you, and have had a headache everyday since you started this fast- i am assuming it is the Lord reminding me to pray for you (via the no caffeine you are enduring!)
i love you!