Friday, October 15, 2010


Yes that says Hope!

Pictures are from our trip to San Fran...just a few so the blog had something fun to look at:)

Daniel Fast~ Fruits vegetables and water.

Steven and I started our fast on Tuesday. We are also fasting TV. That is right, Steven brought it up himself during football season. That is a lot of missed football games and ESPN....he is ready for healing! We are fasting for complete healing of my body and for a baby. I ask that anyone who reads this...which I'm sure isn't a lot, but anyways anyone who reads this to be praying with us. We will be fasting for 21 days. We believe that God heals and he will heal me!

I wish we would have turned to fasting as our first choice. Instead I took the long route and tried to fix myself myself. I have asked God to forgive me for bypassing Him and thinking I was more powerful. We don't consider this our last choice, but a choice we have finally come too. Stay tuned for the journey to come!

Day 1:

Since I'm a couple days behind I will just recap: Not a good morning, not a good day. Coffee headache like none other and very confused as to what to eat. Praying for strength and healing. Trying to to complicate the fast but be childlike with the Lord.

Day 2:

Constant headache all day. Pounding headache, headache that I wasn't sure how I made it through the day. Getting more use to what I need to eat and finding joy in preparing it. Mushrooms will be my fun food! Beginning to construct how I will have time to pray during my work days.

Day 3:

Thank you Jesus! The headache has subsided and I am well into the fast. Something huge happened this day. I was describing to Steven my love for coffee..."I love it! I love the way it smells, tastes, feels, I love being at Starbucks, I love talking about coffee and that is why I'm glad I fasted it" Then I left to go to my amazing Bible study with my Mentor Summer and another lady, where I had my first Ahhha moment as Oprah would like to call it. I love coffee more then I love Jesus! Did i really just say that? Yes I did. How is that possible? Well I have never described God that way. I have never talking so passionately about Him, for goodness sakes....its coffee get a grip Ashley. I was struck by how crazy that was. Thank you God for forgiving me for putting things on the Alter where you and only you belong. This does not mean I will no longer drink coffee....when the fast is over I will drink coffee again but I will never drink it without thinking of my Father in heaven. On a side excited about what God is going to show me through my study of Pursuing God!

Day 4:

Today! Woke up, little headache but I even got on the treadmill! So happy that i did. I have a little less energy but I will push through. I had more prayer time as my Fridays are not as busy as other days. Continuing to pray and believe in full healing and for a baby. I had a lot of alone time today, which meant a lot of time to pray and speak in faith for my healing. I'm am excited to see the work that He is going to do! I am excited to get pregnant and be a mother. Thank you God for restoring my hope and faith in what your word says!

Well the rest of the days will probably be more detailed but I wanted to get caught up so I have some journaling of the process. if you made it to the end....well good job that was pretty lengthy! Thank you all for your continued support and prayer. We are excited to see God glorified with this miracle!


Aleah said...

Praying for you guys!

Love the pictures!

Becki said...

i'm praying, praying, oh yes and praying some more for you.

lets hang out and drink some water.

love you!