Friday, June 15, 2012


Technically she is 3 months today;) I can't believe it has been 3 months. Most people say, everything goes by so fast or I can't even remember when they were that little. I am determined to soak up every moment and try rally hard not to forget. I can't however change time. 3 months have flown by. But what amazes me the most is how much they grow, in size and knowledge. She is so big! Since we don't take her to the doctor we have to weight her at home. Steven weighed her before Hope and I took a shower this morning and she weighed in at almost 13 pounds. I asked Steven if he thought that was good and he was like....sure! He then went and looked up the info while we were showering. When he came back in he said that 13 pounds was average for a girl. He then told me that she would be considered a Banana Baby, long and lean and she is getting the most nutrients because she is fed on demand and we bed-share with her. Basically the boob is at her demand whenever she needs it! I love that he is so supportive. The main thing with nursing is support! Every morning(well 2:30am) when Steven leaves for work he kisses me goodbye and tells me what a great mom I am and how he loves seeing us sleep next to each other;) Love him! Funny things Hope did today~ ~She is always the most happy when she wakes up in the morning. This morning was no exception but she kept looking back and forth between us almost like she was confused how we were both in bed with her! Steven rarely is with us in the morning! ~She was extra talkative today. ~TOday was one of the most successful days we have had in the car. She was entertained but songs from the Sound of Music! We celebrated Fathers day for my dad today! We all went to breakfast....Hope slept towards the end! Then we went and celebrated Nana's 60th birthday! I brought all the preparations for mango cream sauce over tilapia and brown rice and peppers! I made the meal and we got to serve M. It went great and she loved it! She got to hold Hope a little more this time. Like I said, Hope is a momma's girl for sure right now! Now I am sandwiched in-between My man and my sweet girl! Like always I should be asleep but I want to try and make this a habit! I love you sweet baby Hope! You are our prayers come true!

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