Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day!

Just quick tonight since I didn't sleep too much last night but I need to continue to write! We got to celebrate Steven today! What a blessing. The day was perfect. Breakfast with friends, gift, church, Brian's and now home. It felt so good to see him honored as a father today. But as I will share when I talk about mother's day, it still stings a bit. The many years of trying has left some scars. Steven loved the day! He loved his gift, he loved holding his little girl and he loves time with his family! Here are a couple pictures from his special day. ugh....well I was going to post pictures but my internet sucks! We need new internet....Ill upload them tomorrow! For today Hope was amazing! she did great at breakfast....did quite well at church....didn't love the car but that is not new. Had a great time with her cousins and went to bed right away at 9 I think:) Love this girl! So I am off to sleep. My girl on my left and my man on my right! Love this little family and yes I hope it grows very soon! HAving babies is addicting;) Night!

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